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In the past 22 years, we have been adhering to the business philosophy of "Honesty, Respect, Humanity, Supremacy", and focusing on the production and sale of two types of permanent magnets- NdFeB Magnet and Ferrite Magnet. By the end of 2017, Onemag has achieved an annual output of 10,000 tons of Ferrite magnets used for speakers and 2,000 tons of NdFeB magnets used for motors and other fields. The company’s output value has exceeded more than RMB500 million.
In order to broaden the types of magnets used for motors and provide better and more convenient services to motor customers, Onemag began to develop wet-compressive Segment Ferrite Magnet in October 2017, and the first production line was successfully put into operation in September 2018. With the subsequent production lines being put into production, Onemag plans to reach the scale of 10,000 tons of Segment Ferrite Magnet per year in 2022.

Segment Ferrite Magnet is the core functional component of a permanent magnet DC motor. It is mainly used in automobiles (such as starter motor, glass lifter, wiper, automatic seat, automatic sunroof, oil pump, fan, booster motor, etc.), motorcycle, home appliances (air conditioners, washing machines, juicers, soya-bean milk makers, fans, water purifiers, etc.), power tools, fitness equipments and other fields.

Just as the old Chinese poem goes "One day, I will be in the waves in full speed, to Show my own aspirations. Hanging my sailcloth up, going across the sea, I will achieve my dream. ", Onemag, which is in “the second-time undertaking”, will not forget the original aspiration and move forward, and strive for the great progress and prosperity of national industry and technology!             onemag